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Out Performs most ten inch subs.

The all new XLS800 Subwoofer has been developed for premium performance in small to medium sized rooms for either satellite speaker setups, complimenting any sized loud speaker system with warm quality subsonics, and/or home theater systems where a compact, yet impressively performing subwoofer is required that does not impose on too much space. Solid audiophile performance with low subsonics from a compact enclosure. The all new, exclusive to WES, true 200Wrms, built-in amplifier has been factory tweaked to our XLS800 designers specifications for extraordinary performance in the low frequency region giving excellent control and power to your audio experience and the absolute best dollar value.

This crackerjack amplifier connects via RCA leads to the pre-amp output on a high-end stereo system or the sub-out on any home theater receiver. Provision for connection directly to the stereos speaker wires is there for upgrading midi systems, etc. Also, world exclusive to WES, is our all new, high performance eXtremely Long Stroke subwoofer driver unit.

Giving exceptionally impressive performance for only an 8" sized driver, this XLS subwoofer has a rigid aerodynamic cast alloy chassis, composite stiffened exotic materials pulp cone, extra long stroke voice coil, very large magnet assembly and high power copper voice coil which produces a driver with dynamic tight fast clean bass. These two high technology devices are beautifully integrated into a handsome, premium quality cabinet. This unique subwoofer enclosure has double thickness 36mm front baffle, a centre bracing rib with vent support to provide a very strong and rigid subwoofer box with reduced cabinet movement and thus tightening bass and reducing distortion. Flanged ports and curved edge box and grill design reduces air-turbulence distortion for a better acoustic, more natural bass sound.

This remarkable achievement in a relatively compact subwoofer is a clever compromise between practical cabinet size and impressive low frequency sub-bass performance. The combination of a Top-Of-The-Line Danish made driver with a quality, dual ported box and optimised 200Wrms amplifier, gives performance that equals or betters most 10" subs, without the bulkiness or boomyness of similarly priced units. The smooth, authoritative bass response extends below 30Hz giving clean, accurate sound that will satisfy a majority of bass hungry enthusiasts with DVD sound effects reproduced with dramatic aplomb. The XLS800 Active Subwoofer will excel in high end speaker systems with CD, DVD, DVD-A and SACD music. It will impress by its ability to provide the lower octaves of bass that are normally not produced by a subwoofer speaker of this compact size.



Compact 375mmH x 315mmW x 440mmD 50L 200Wrms Optimised In-Built Amplifier 25-35Hz to 60-200Hz -6dB/O (Adj. filters) 18mm thick cabinet walls, 36mm front. Exclusive 8" XLS Danish made Subwoofer. Dual, flared rear firing tuning ports. Low resonance, high performance design. Completely finished cabinet, lined with internal wadding. Attractive wood style black vinyl box with genuine solid wood feature panel to match our HDS line of speakers.



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Please Note: Colours shown may vary due to circumstances out of our control
eg, type of grain and wood colour due from different batches of timber.
Please use this as a reference only.

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