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The XLS1000 is a true audiophile subwoofer.

It is easily capable of out performing a majority of units costing
multiples more. A beautifully clean sound with very fast and tight
bass at either subtle volumes or at extra high SPL, reproducing
deep, dynamic and detailed bass at frequencies down to the

This top-of-the-line subwoofer will exceed the requirements
for a majority of systems and rooms with both accuracy in
music and explosive effects for Home Theatre that will
shake your world! The incredible depth of bass goes
down below 18Hz in an enclosure of only 60 litres.
An eXtra-Long-Stroke 12" Peerless subwoofer
is used, set in the forward firing mode.

The Danish made, extra heavy duty, exotic material manufactured
subwoofer is complemented by a duplicate 12" rear mounted
Passive Radiator. This is a non-powered "Drone Cone" that
utilises the low frequency energy within the box, similar to
a port but with some distinct advantages that improve
performance and specifications.

Our dual 12" design achieves superior audiophile sound with
lower than normally achievable frequency response for a
given sized enclosure, all without the air breathing distortion
normally associated with a vented enclosure used at such
low frequencies and high volume levels.

The enclosure is made from extra thick & ridged 33mm MDF board
with a total of 7 internal bracing ribs(!) made from solid hardwood
and interlocked into the side panels to reduce unwanted panel
resonance. All bracing ribs and speaker mounting holes are
tapered, again to reduce internal turbulence and distortion. To
improve performance, all outer edges are also tapered.

The box is impressively finished in a premium quality, double-pack
black paint, like a piano finish. Genuine wood feature panels, in a
choice of Australian woods, are available, complimenting our HDS
series of speakers. This is a fine piece of furniture that looks
premium audio. Incredible performance requires an
incredible amplifier.

As with most subwoofers, our 12" XLS kit comes with a
dedicated internal amplifier (see below).

However, we have also made available a version with no cut-out
hole for the power amp. This is for those who wish to externally
amplify their sub with a high performance solution. Now, the 12"
driver is capable of running on 300Wrms, long term, so any amplifier
will be suitable power wise. However, your choice must have
excellent low frequency and subsonic specifications to utilize
the possible performance achievable by this sub.

Beware: many amplifiers are not good in the sub-sonic,
especially powering this 4ohm XLS driver. We also highly
recommend some low-frequency equalization to tune the XLS1000
into your room. An easy solution is to utilise our high performance
at reasonable cost 200Wrms amplifier. This is a specially
subwoofer amplifier, manufactured to Stones Sound Studio
specifications for driving the XLS range of subwoofers.

This optimised amplifier gives a high 200Wrms with very low distortion
and excellent stability and specifications. We believe we have achieved
a reasonably priced subwoofer and amplifier system with excellent
sub-sonic performance that would normally cost considerably more
compared to what's available. The XLS1000 looks and sounds like
a premium audiophile package that will satisfy even the most
ardent listener with its phenomenal performance.



Requires an external high power amplifier.
Also requies external equalisation
(depending on home theater system).
Or cut a hole for your own internal
amplifier & equaliser solution.
XLS 12" is 300W RMS long term power rated.
Frequency response is subsonic (below 20Hz).
Premium 2-Pack gloss painted box
with genuine solid wood feature panel
to match our HDS line of speakers.


Side wall mounting, premium 200W RMS amplifier.
Frequency response is subsonic (below 20Hz).
Low-pass adjustable filter (60Hz to 180Hz).
High-pass filter (20Hz Subsonic filtered).
Premium 2-Pack gloss painted box
with genuine solid wood feature panel
to match our HDS line of speakers.


No Port Velocity Noises
Attractive Piano Finish
480mm x 480mm x 470mm
Subsonic frequency response
to below 17Hz
Optional In-Built 200W Amp



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Please Note: Colours shown may vary due to circumstances out of our control
eg, type of grain and wood colour due from different batches of timber.
Please use this as a reference only.

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