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Speaker Systems



These floor-standing speakers were
designed for "Monitor" grade stereo
reproduction as well as top-line
home theatre main speakers in
a Dolby Digital THX surround
sound system. The use of the new
Peerless HDS series of high definition
drive units, quality crossover and components in an innovative design,
create a sound that is clear, clean and uncompromising in dynamics,
allowing the full impact and
emotion of DVD and Music to
enthral the listener.






High definition loud speaker is designed to reproduce both music and home theatre audio in true audiophile quality. This attractive and reasonably compact speaker gives excellent long term listening, fatigue free.

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This optimised design gives
you astounding performance
from such a compact system.
Small monitors are popular
due to the reduced impact on
your room decor.



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Please Note: Colours shown may vary due to circumstances out of our control
eg, type of grain and wood colour due from different batches of timber.
Please use this as a reference only.

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