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These floor-standing speakers were designed for "Monitor" grade stereo reproduction as well as top-line home theatre main speakers in a Dolby Digital THX surround sound system.

The use of the new Peerless HDS series of high definition drive units, quality crossover and components in an innovative design, create a sound that is clear, clean and uncompromising in dynamics, allowing the full impact and emotion of DVD and Music to enthral the listener. The tall handsome cabinets are finished in real wood veneer and have the facility for sand filling in the base cavity for additional stability and extra resonance damping. Matched with the XLS1000 active Subwoofer and HDS250 centre and rear speakers you have a superb sounding system that will play loud and clear detail on all types of Music and Movie Soundtracks in medium to large rooms.

Featuring crystal clear highs, pinpoint imaging, micro dynamics, articulate tight fast bass, wide sound stage and very low distortion with excellent dynamic range, all of which gives fatigue free, long-term listing of exceptional quality that only the best speakers can reproduce. For Home Theatre, this exceptional speaker is also excellent for creating a wide sound stage with both vertical and horizontal off axis dispersion due to the unique Tweeter flare system.

The Peerless HDS455 can be used in DTS & Dolby Digital Systems in main front left / right or even the rear left / right effect channels. For the ultimate Home Theatre Experience, we recommend the HDS455 Speakers be used in conjunction with our Peerless HDS255c centre and the HDS250's as rear effects with either the XLS800 or XLS1000 sub- woofers to give you maximum immaculate sound!


Frequency Response 36Hz to 22KHz Size H1100 x W205 x D375mm Power Req' 10W to 150Wrms Impedance 8 ohm Nominal Sensitivity 92dB Floor standing with plinth base Optional 20Kg sand cavity in tower. Premium Audio Phyle Musical speakers Dual purpose as Home Theater mains. Ultra dynamic digital ready Coaxial MTM design, pin-point imaging. Suit medium to large rooms. Attractive styling and available in genuine Australian wood veneers. Matches with our XLS subwoofers.



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Please Note: Colours shown may vary due to circumstances out of our control
eg, type of grain and wood colour due from different batches of timber.
Please use this as a reference only.

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