Valves and the new millennium!

WES Components 2005 Lising

WES Components has been a good source of valves for the repairman for many years, offering replacement and substitute valves for the restorer. This includes some rare and unique valves used in old radio grams and the like. Today, although valve radio restoring is still popular to some hobbyists, what is growing in popularity is valve home audio. We think this is due to the audiophile wanting some personality in their listening and to rid themselves of the almost sterile, so called "perfect" clinical sound of digital technology. 

Valves offer a "warmer" sound. To this end we have found available some of the more popular audio valves being manufactured. The technology in valves is still improving! Even though the original specifications have to be honored, advancements in manufacture and materials have seen improvements in bandwidth, noise levels, compression, heat stability, gain, reliability, etc., etc. Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix are Russian made tubes and are available now, new, in stock. These valves are elegantly attractive and claim to supercede old Philips, RCA and any new manufactured tubes. "Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine" describes some reviewed Sovtek audio tubes as 'approaching the quality of classics such as the Mullard'

Jimmy Hendrix Lives!
Probably the largest sales in valves would go to repairing and updating valve guitar amplifiers. Manufacturers like VOX and Marshal, etc. mostly use the common audio valves, so check the substitution numbers listed with our stock for your valve! Improvements to the newer valves also include the requirement of reliability during the hard life of musician amplifiers. This is claimed to be one of the priorities in Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix valves.

Hard reliability with sonic perfection! Valves entering the new millennium!

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Links to Valve resources

If we do not appear to stock a valve, you could look up data on the valve and may find a simple way to substitute it.
Looking for a circuit diagram for a valve unit? Below are some excellent links we found on the web for you to start with...
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They may contain incorrect information. We have not verified any of this in reference to our stock. So beware!


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